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We're a
Kind of Furniture Store

We’re Not the Typical Furniture Dealer

Almost every furniture store operator is in some form, a dealer.

A dealer provides access for people to get a certain product they desire. They mainly advertise by having showrooms and putting furniture on display there. For all this hard work, the dealer takes a big percentage of the products by directly making the customer pay their hefty salary. We are not that kind of salesmen.

No Pyramid Schemes

Mark-ups have always plagued the consumer. Here exists in the furniture industry is an intricate system of dealers that make the customer pay about 300% more than what it cost in raw materials plus labor to fabricate furniture products. We do not embellish in such industry standard schemes that beef up the salaries of furniture dealers.

We Provide Access

We bypass the wholesaler, and the retailer, and provide the same access a furniture store dealer would, except our prices and selection are straight from the manufacturer. We also give you access to furniture that is unavailable in the United States, such styles that are trending in the European markets.

Who We Represent

We represent and have the full backing of several top world furniture manufacturers, and sell their furniture in the United States. We handle customer service, and shipping operations that allows customers like you to get their furniture anywhere in the United States.

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